About us

Solution for everything!

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and the most intimate moments in a person’s life. Though every bride wants to design a wedding that will be remembered, nonetheless there is no single recipe on how to organize it. Save your time and spare yourself unnecessary stress, feel free to contact us. Our team of specialists will plan everything to perfection for you, while allowing you to retain your individuality and dreams.

Let us do all the work for you

Our agency is at your disposal to make your special day happen without stress; we take care that everything functions perfectly from the concept to the actual event. We offer a comprehensive service covering planning, the organisation and professional management of the wedding. We also offer you advice on how to perfectly harmonize your wishes with what is available and a set budget. We take care of all the details!

From the preliminary solution, selecting the perfect premises, the design concept and decorations, selecting catering, designing invitations, flower arrangements, choosing the music and all the way to the final organisation of the wedding ceremony itself – everything is planned out to the smallest detail ! We provide a wide choice of our own equipment including tablecloths, bars, furniture, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers. These decorations are an opportunity to make the perfect selection and organize things on time without the hidden costs of different suppliers.

Decoration and remembrance

All decorations and floral arrangements which we design are unique and recognizable by the above-average quality and inspiring handiwork. Our state-of-the-art photo and video equipment allows us to capture every moment of your most important day. Of course, there’s also our lighting and effects that will make the wedding unforgettable.

Hair styling and Makeup

Our professional team of stylists, hairdressers and make-up specialists provide you with the service of creating a real wedding styling, based on your wishes including professional make-up and hair styling for the wedding. Guarantee yourself, your bridesmaid, mother and friends by glamorising the most important day in your life!

The wedding cake

Integral part of the wedding ceremony, symbolising more than just a tasty dessert. When choosing a wedding cake you have to make sure its matches your style and the theme of the wedding. Our team will design and create for you the perfect wedding cake and pastries which will be much talked about.

Creative designs

Invitations are the first contact with guests and create a first impression, whereas the thank you cards are the memories. Imaginative gifts will delight your guests, with the special designer menus, tags, guest list, wine labels, cards with the names of guests , imaginative cards with names of buffet food and a unique book of impressions will contribute to the perfection of your most important day, and will give each of your guests a feeling of being important.

Accommodation and Transport

Need accommodation for guests? No problem, we will arrange accommodation for your guests based on your wishes and financial possibilities including transportation for guests and the bride and groom to any location.

Mali gosti

Little guests

For the youngest invitees we have ensured an additional programme: animators, design and a special children’s table programme. The animators for children plan in advance based on the age and number of children interesting programmes and bring along all the necessary props for the games.

Fireworks and other effects

Our extensive offer also includes wedding fireworks. These fireworks are the suitable pyrotechnic performances intended for weddings and can carried out in the form of fireworks, stage pyrotechnics or special effects. We can also set up effects that are not pyrotechnic in nature, such as balloons or confetti and bamboo torches.

Creating the Financial plan

The foundation of any marriage is a financial plan. Therefore, we advise you at the very beginning to determine how much you are willing to spend and who will bear the costs. Plan your wedding in accordance with your anticipated means, and it in that way you will have complete control. We save you time and money because we recommend only preferred partners and associates who are able to conform to high professional standards and fit into the desired concept of your marriage. We make it possible that your special day becomes just like a dream.